Benefits of Self-Study and Role of Online Learning in It

Self-study is the process where one studies something and that too without supervision and help of any trainer and teacher. Here there are no boundaries, one can take help from external resources like the internet, books, online study materials etc. These days so many facilities are available for the students to learn and to gather knowledge that they don’t need assistance from anybody else. Students who opt for self-study take assistance from online learning tools like LMS where they get their hands on multiple learning resources.  LMS helps the students in their face-to-face interaction with their mentors to take guidance during their online research for their self-study. Self-study is more exciting and funnier as compared to regular learning because searching for something new and that all without any assistance is a unique thing. Students become grave towards the responsibilities on him/her because he/she performs self-study in a responsible way. Self-learning develops self-confidence and sense of maturity as a self-learner performs his study work very carefully.

Self-learners always have a unique and vast amount of knowledge that is too up-to-date because they keep on researching new topics and gathering new information and knowledge. Nowadays self-learning has become very interesting and exciting too because there is so much available online. With tools like the school management system, teachers’ can enhance and their productivity and help students in their revision sessions. During self learning earlier students used to prefer books only but today edtech tools are helping students a lot by providing them with information which could not be compiled in books and are present in the forms of articles, reports, research thesis etc.

This type of learning happens outside of the classroom and that too without any supervision of mentors or teachers. Through self-study a student gets confidence, motivation and self-esteem. So, let’s have a detailed study on the benefits of self-study. Students when they study on their own then they come to discover a lot of matter which even their tutors can’t search and deliver to them. Self -study is that process where students search topics and their content according to their interest and likeness through online learning websites and sources. This becomes part of their interest and due to this they are able to explore more than that of their books and they opt for various other reliable resources like online resources where they get plenty of knowledge with proof and proper examples. It makes them use all the modern tools and methods which can make their learning easy. So, in such a situation when students start self-study which is completely based on their skills where they don’t take any assistance from anyone or from any mentor then this develops this self-confidence and they learn to discover different research methodologies where they are assisted by Ed Tech tools too.

During self-study students can learn, on their own terms without being burdened according to anyone else. They are free to choose their own subjects as well as topics in them and can research data and information about it with full freedom. Students can also gather knowledge by choosing a path by themselves. Other students mug up the books only but the students who go through self-study gather the latest knowledge. This study makes students study not only for memorizing but for understanding also. To perform self-study, it is necessary that one should set his or her goal first regarding what topic the learner wants to perform his/her own study. If professionally one has to perform learning and he or she has chosen self-learning then it becomes essential that the learner has to formulate a well-designed and result oriented self-learning pattern. It is so, because one’s hard work should be directed towards such efforts which can result in a good outcome. Learner can face various problems also being a sole researcher and without help but he or she has to search for any such problem while researching by themselves. Learners should take help from technological support too these days which are available easily.

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