How can students make a timetable for school?

Schools are no longer what they used to be before. Today, education has a completely different purpose, with even diverse learning methodologies. Simply put, for the students of today’s generation, studying, learning and giving examinations are not enough.  They have more things to participate in, like extracurricular activities, different courses available with permanent subjects, and so much more.

To manage and enjoy their academic progress, it is very important to have a proper plan. Synonymously, we call it the timetable. Here are a few things that you need to consider before starting to chalk out a personalised timetable;

Discover your learning style

Every student has a unique learning style.  Some prefer to study in the early hours, while other students find it more productive to stay up later hours and go to sleep only after they have completed a huge chunk of their work.  Similarly, memorising methodology and tactics also differ from student to student. Not every child can follow the same routine, hence the need to have an open approach towards which style suits a student the best. 

Coordinate everyday events

A student’s timetable can include multiple things besides their academic activities like attending classes. To be productive regularly, they must organise their time for recreational activities as well which improves their efficiency.  A good child knows how long to hang out with their friends, the number of hours to be accommodated in using social media, and when to get back to studying again.

The everyday routine might not look the same because they prefer utilising their time uniquely given the opportunity. For example, with online educational systems and prevailing private courses and classes, students catch up on a lot in bits and parts throughout the week.

Focus on Progress

A routine that does not aim to capture progress is aimless. People make schedules with certain goals in mind, and they wish to achieve at least some of them by the end of the day. A student also must calculate their progress by reviewing themselves, and the number of activities they were able to successfully participate in and bring out good results. If it is not possible to take out time every single day to calculate progress, students can do it weekly and be more strict about their personal and academic development.

Accommodate enough Break-times

Let’s face it, burnout is real- and students of all ages are especially susceptible to it. This is because even though students nowadays have many more resources to rely upon, the overall workload of learning the material and additionally, completing assignments has also been on the rise. However, the human body is not a machine, and increasing the number of hours you allot to academics won’t always be the best solution. Hence, being efficient and thorough is the need of the hour if you want to stay on top of the curriculum. 

To achieve this, giving your body and mind adequate rest is crucial. If looking for a good timetable maker online, pay attention to whether there are options to regularly incorporate short breaks into your schedule. However, make sure the break is “productive”- going for a walk or having a conversation with a loved one is preferred over scrolling through social media. 

Stick to your Timetable

For those looking to achieve their goals, consistency is always key. So, now that you have used a timetable maker to chart your personal goals, the next step is to stick to it! You cannot expect success unless you put in the hard work required for it. Similarly, unless you are determined to stick to your timetable, most of us would revert to procrastinating or forgetting about important deadlines and projects. 

An Insider secret- keep a portion of your timetable unoccupied for doing things that crop up suddenly or for attending to tasks that you couldn’t finish within the allotted period. This helps you let go of unfinished projects and move on to the next task instead of delaying the entire schedule altogether. 

Now that you are aware of the steps- start with a reliable mobile application or a timetable maker online that can not only record your study schedule but also send you notifications and reminders to make sure you never miss out on any activity!

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