Online Casino Customer Reward Programs Explained

Loyalty programs are marketing strategies that took the business world by storm in the late 20th century. They did so, so much so that today, these schemes cover most types of commerce, as markets have shifted towards customer-centric approaches, primarily due to swelling competition. Whether someone goes shopping for shoes or to buy their morning coffee, they likely participate in a system that can yield some benefits from their purchase if they choose the right store. The same holds when gamblers look to enjoy the most played real money gambling games, as casino sites have jumped with both feet into adopting rewards programs as an essential part of their business model.

These days it is unusual to stumble upon a gaming platform that does not supply some VIP benefits, as these have even up in appeal with welcome bonuses. They have become a crucial part of operators’ tactics to ensure that their player numbers not maintain but continuously grow. Though some may say that the ones present in the interactive gaming sphere are an extension of brick-and-mortar ones based on comps, that is not accurate. The reality is that the digital gambling sphere has taken massive strides forward in showing appreciation for player loyalty by showering users with various generous bonuses. And this process gets explained below in depth.

Types of Loyalty Systems

In essence, casino rewards programs work in two ways. The first one is systems where site staff oversee accounts for betting activity. When players meet criteria that have not been made public, they get contacted, informed that they have become VIP players, and told that they would get their share of loyalty perks that should make their stay on the platform more pleasant and lucrative.

The second approach, the more common now, is schemes incorporating multiple tiers that gamblers advance through via their on-site wagering. Usually, these programs involve several levels, up to dozens, and the more a user bets, the more complimentary points they accumulate. It is these credits that boost their advancement through the scheme’s tiers en route to better rewards in higher ones.

In most such systems, participation is automatic upon account creation. When a gambler registers with an app featuring this sort of system, they instantly attain the initial status in its rewards scheme, moving up as time passes by betting. Some work in such a way that the number of accumulated points resets each month, and in others, monthly benchmarks must get given. That means that for users to maintain their reached status, they must keep betting at the same rate as the previous thirty-day period, or they will drop a tier, losing gained advantages.

The Standard Perks Provided

In the past, sites looked to supply physical gifts, invites to exclusive events, and offer trips to alluring tourist destinations to their high-rollers. Nevertheless, these models have virtually gotten abandoned now. Gaming sites nowadays seek to show appreciation for players staying and playing by providing improved banking options, such as more substantial withdrawal limits and faster processing times, tailor-made bonuses, better customer support, and cashback deals.

Naturally, various other perks lay inside distinct VIP programs, and some of the more novel ones are level-up bonuses and mystery chests. The latter is a form of a tier-up promo inspired by the loot-box video game concept. They are promotions where gamblers get a random prize for ascending a casino’s rewards ladder. As some would say, they are gambling when gambling online.

Are These Systems Worth It?

Yes. Today, these systems rank as one of the top reasons to join an online casino or not because they generate freebies for just playing games. There is no cost for participating in them, as they work on their own in the background tallying up wagers as points that lead to benefits.

Users can check their VIP/loyalty status through their profile page and see where they are in these programs at any time and how many credits they need to reach the next stage. Everything happens automatically, requiring no effort lost on the player’s part.

Casinos With the Best Programs

According to most experienced players, the online casinos with the best rewards programs are Bovada, Las Atlantis, and BetUS.

Bovada has an invite-only VIP area for loyal gamblers called the Red Room. It supplies instant withdrawals, a 10% match bonus on all deposits, and even exclusive trips worldwide. In it, one hundred Bovada points equal one bonus dollar.

Las Atlantis’ Comp Points system works almost identically, listing a one-hundred-point to one-dollar conversion rate. Inside it, based on a user’s VIP status, they get higher withdrawal limits, with higher-volume ones getting super high ones.

The BetUS program is similar to the previously described one, and it can produce $500 in free-play cash, fee-free payouts, and bigger bonuses.

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